Are you giving your power away?

Me, knowing what I know and not doubting it for a second. (originally taken as a joke but the look of smug confidence is a window to my inner world haha)

What if you didn’t doubt your decisions?

What if pleasure could allow you to walk through life with your head held high, not thinking that you need another course or another teacher to fix yourself?

What if you could be your own authority? What if you could use pleasure to reclaim your power, your sovereignty, and your ability to have deeply rooted confidence in your choices?

Prioritizing pleasure means we give ourselves permission to feel good. We become more attuned to what brings us joy, what fills us up, what makes us come alive. And when we feel good, we have more energy, more creativity, more resilience. And crucially: we become less susceptible to manipulation, coercion, or other people’s agendas.

Quite simply, we become more aware of what feels right, and what feels wrong.

So, my sweet cupcake, I invite you to consider the role of power and influence in your life.

Where are you doubting your power?
Where are you struggling to trust yourself and your intuition?
Who’s voice are you trusting above your own?

Instead of trying to convince yourself that you’re wrong or pushing past your inner voice, what would it feel like to step into your power and confidently say yes or no to the things that align with your truth? In Pleasure Compass, we cultivate a foundation of pleasure so that you can be powerful, certain, and confident in your choices.

You are worthy of pleasure. And that pleasure will be your greatest source of power. I invite you to lean into it, and see what happens. 

Let’s break free from the expectations of others and step into a space where we can honor our truth with clarity and conviction. If this resonates with you, join me in Pleasure Compass. Together, let’s create a life that reflects our own power, joy and brilliance. 

When we learn to lean into pleasure, trusting in our own inner voice and intuition, it gives us the courage to make choices that align with our deepest desires. Our power lies within ourselves, and when we tap into this source of pleasure, it sets us free from outside influences and expectations. And that is what is needed now more than ever.

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  1. Perhaps your thoughts on how to reconcile this pleasure compassion with the religious values many find contradictory to this liberation….

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