Next session starts June 3rd, 12pm EST

“We have been raised to fear the yes within ourselves, our deepest cravings.”
– Audre Lorde.

The Great Pleasure Challenge is about seeing what happens when you live from your YES

It is an exploration into your relationship with obligation

It is a deep dive into where you cross your own boundaries and ignore your no

Pleasure is a tool for resilience

And it is an invitation to step into being more fully supported, more playful, more resourced, and more aligned with your own values

Because you are meant to live as an embodiment of pleasure

The Great Pleasure Challenge is 3 weeks of doing only what you are a “heck yes!” about

What you’ll get:

Two Live Group Calls

(no need to join live, you’ll have lifetime access to the replays)

Access to an Exclusive Group

Share your successes and receive tons of support from Amelia (and all the other kind and intrepid souls who will be joining you)

A Unique Pleasure Challenge Newsletter

Sent only to you with optional (but awesome!) exercises, mini challenges, exercises, and journal prompts

Weekly Open Office-Hours (on Zoom)

The best part of The Challenge! Drop-in for live support and personalized attention, for 15 minutes or for the whole session. No need to make an appointment

NOTE: The cost for The Great Pleasure Challenge is $125. However, we understand that our Challenge community is diverse and includes participants from different countries with varying economic situations. To ensure accessibility and equity, we have introduced a special coupon code: “COMMUNITY.” If you are joining us from a nation with a significantly different economy than the US, you can apply the coupon code during checkout to enjoy a reduced price of $33 USD.

Pleasure is for everyone.

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