Once a Chef, now a Coach

I began cooking when my mother decided that as children my siblings and I needed to have more responsibility in the household, in a twist of fate or an act of inspired intuition I was assigned the kitchen. My mother taught me that my inner world mattered, that the energy I carried with me had an effect on my surroundings and to be very careful about what emotions I convey while cooking (always cautioning not to cook while angry or resentful).

I became an intuitive, ingredient-guided chef, and cooking teacher. Long a believer in food as medicine I also came to believe in pleasure is medicine as well. Cooking became a form of walking meditation, an act of service and love that has the power to transform people and communities.

My explorations in food evolved into a belief that the kitchen is a microcosm for life, ever open to the lessons that presented themselves as encouragement to live authentically and use pleasure as a guide.

After creating The Sensuality of Food clients approached me to help them connect with their bodies and with pleasure. And then for help when feeling stuck around relationship difficulties and career changes. Now I use my Untangling methodology to help people clear the path to their desire and purpose. Think Life Coach, but way more fun.

I draw on my vast library of lived experience, and wisdom gained from experience along my own personal growth journey along with techniques I’ve learned from wonderful teachers and some I’ve created myself. It’s playful, intuitive, passionate and fun.

Now I help people who are busy and overwhelmed, who struggle with slowing down and being present and have a hard time shutting off their brain. I help them reconnect to their body and their senses so they can tap into an infinite well of guidance. I help them reconnect so they can be more present, more calm, have more time for what really matters to them so they can fully enjoy their lives.