Patriarchy/Pleasure/Self-Care – what does it all mean?

Within a patriarchal society, qualities associated with women are trivialized. Framing pleasure as frivolous, indulgent and even “girly” rather than as a powerfully subversive tool reinforces harmful gender stereotypes that hold everyone back. 

This framework for pleasure ensures that those who identify as women engage with pleasure apologetically, while men may not engage with it at all. Instead, at best pleasure is practiced and packaged as a version of “self-care” that is superficial and commercialized, limited to activities like bubble baths and mani-pedis. While these delightful hygiene rituals can offer some temporary relief, they don’t get to the deeper and more holistic potential that pleasure provides.

The result is essentially the “chorification” of pleasure, where pleasure is treated either as an afterthought or as a luxury, rather than as an essential component of our well-being.

What I want is for you to discover that pleasure when brought to center stage in your life can be far more nuanced, deeper, transgressive and transformative than you ever imagined. When pleasure is liberated from the confines of its traditional association with sex and sexuality or frivolity, we open up an entirely new world that invites exploration, self-discovery and pleasure in all its forms.

Pleasure is for everybody.

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