The Art of Giving – December 17

Discover how you can create the relationships you truly desire, with more intimacy, better connection and deeper satisfaction for both you and your partner through the simple power of choosing the right gifts.

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This online workshop gives you practical, playful, kind tools for becoming more skillful at giving, allowing you to create more connected and more nourishing relationships.

  • Learn how to give the perfect gift
  • Connect with loved ones on a deeper level
  • Strengthen the bonds of your relationships
  • Create lasting memories that will bring happiness and appreciation for years to come
  • Make your friends and family feel special and loved

The Art of Giving is for you if:

  • You feel dread or anxiety at the approach of birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays
  • You want to invest in relationship longevity by fostering happiness and connection now
  • You want to be the best partner you can be (whether you are currently partnered or not)
  • You want to be able to show others how much you appreciate them
  • You want transferable skills that will benefit every area of your relationship life

What if I told you…

your deepest hopes for your relationships are possible through practicing a few simple habits every time you give a gift? (and this Workshop will give you what you need to get started immediately)

The Art of Giving Workshop addresses:

  • 5 common pitfalls of giving and how to avoid them
  • How to give ridiculously well without overspending
  • 4 barriers to skillful giving and what to do when they come up
  • 3 concrete strategies that will immediately make a difference
  • Ways to make sure giving is fun for you too
  • What might be happening if you love to give but your gifts aren’t received well…and what you can do instead

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