The Art of Receiving

Getting what you want starts with knowing what you want, and then being able to ask for it! You can learn to become amazing at receiving (I did!)

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This online workshop gives you practical, playful, kind tools for becoming more open to receiving what you want while building more connected and more nourishing relationships in the process!

  • Ask for what you want, and get it!
  • Feel more valued and appreciated
  • Have deeper intimacy in your relationships
  • Put yourself in a position to receive more of the things you want and need
  • Get out of the trap of always giving and make room for more reciprocal relationships

A little about me

Hi, darlings! I’m Amelia Lord, a generous and kind-hearted giver who used to do all the doing in my relationships. I believed that being a good person meant that I should make do with whatever came my way (and be grateful for it!) while focusing all my attention on giving to others. That generous spirit is a beautiful thing! But I wasn’t making room to receive anything from anyone else. Which meant a lot of disappointment, a lot of resentment (which I worked hard to not feel), and a lot of feeling invisible.

If a good relationship allows both people to see and be seen, to know and be known it’s really difficult to prepare the ecosystem where an AMAZING relationship can thrive if the people in it are not good at receiving.

I have become amazing at receiving.

And I know you can be too!

How to Get Great at Receiving

Because I’m a huge fan of loopholes and shortcuts I’ve devised a way to practice the skills you need to become incredible at receiving (love, attention, respect etc) through the relatively simple act of becoming available and open to receive….gifts! I know, it sounds so shallow! But gifts are a simple way to start on what can be a pretty sticky journey. Sticky because receiving is all about being vulnerable. It leaves us open to judgment and criticism and to not getting the things we need and want (both emotionally and physically). I know because I’ve navigated all the landmines and discomfort of allowing myself to want things, becoming ok with what I want (or THAT I want at all. Remember: good people aren’t supposed to want. They’re supposed to accept and be grateful), and becoming able to ASK for what I want -even outrageously – and actually even get it.

This workshop is the best little shortcut I can imagine. AND it can serve to increase the intimacy and connection in your current relationship immediately

(if you have one! But you do not need to be partnered to get a whole lot out of this)

What if I told you…

expanding your capacity to receive the love you want can be achieved through a few concrete, practical and fun habits. (and this Workshop will give you what you need to get started immediately)

This workshop will address:

  • Why receiving is so hard for some of us and what to do to make it easier
  • How to know what you want and ask for it
  • 4 ways you may be blocking receiving, and how to shift it
  • A concrete strategy to dealing with disappointment and resentment that can build up around repeatedly not getting what you need
  • Simple tools that you can use with everyone (your partner, your friends, your children) to make receiving easy and birthdays less stressful

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