“Where is God in any of this?”

Recently, during a conversation about realigning ourselves to pleasure (yes, even I get out of sorts and have to bring myself back to a practice) I was asked “Where is God in any of this?” My instant reply: “God is everywhere in this.”

If you’re deeply committed to any spiritual path you might think of pleasure as unrelated, or maybe even contradictory, to spiritual life. However in my personal journey nothing could be further from the truth.

For me, tuning into my body is the way I check in with my spirit; it has become my living meditation practice.

When I connect with pleasure, I feel like I’m clearing a path through a dense forest, quieting the external noise that often distracts from being able to hear clearly. Example: the simple act of enjoying a cup of tea. Feeling the warmth as it spreads through me after taking a sip, but also the warmth in my hands as I clasp the cup. The rim of the cup between my lips. The taste of the tea, bitter and maybe sweet. Every bit of attention to each pleasure silences the clutter in my mind. It allows me to truly listen to my inner voice when I pose a question to myself.

When you walk this path you can feel the truth (your truth) illuminating your body from within. This path of aligning with pleasure, and using it as a bridge to connect with your body paves the way towards deeper self-understanding and harmony with the Great Mystery.

If you’ve struggled to tune into your spirit because you’ve been overly focused on other people or because you’ve been neglecting your needs, I invite your to explore the role of pleasure in your life. By using pleasure and your body as guides you may find a wellspring of peace and sense of purpose within yourself that may have been elusive so far.

This isn’t the path for everyone, and that’s ok. But if it resonates with you and you yearn for a deeper connection with yourself and a profoundly rewarding spiritual practice, I invite you to reach out. I offer many different entry points into this work. You can join us through group experiences such as The Great Pleasure Challenge, Compass, and an upcoming private group membership. Alternatively, you may prefer one-on-one sessions where we are able to dive deeply and the pace is adjusted to your needs and entirely individualized. I share what I’ve learned and guide you closer to your unique path of truth.

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